Dengon Net / Japan Monthly 2020年2月号無料ダウンロード

Dengon Net / Japan Monthly 2020 February issue
Dengon Net 2020 February issue

☆ブッシュファイア 覚えておくこと、やるべきこと。☆


Japan Monthly 2020 February issue
☆Feature article☆
[The Joys of Japan's Summer Festivals]
Summer festivals, or natsu matsuri, are very special to the Japanese. They evoke memories of joyful childhood experiences and general nostalgia. The Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival is happening Sunday 23 February so we figured we’d produce a guide to the various elements of a summer festival to help you understand and enjoy them more. We’ve also listed a number of the most famous regional summer festivals in Japan so you can maybe attend some if you’re over there for the Olympics or Paralympics.

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☆New Articles☆
[FestivalsUnderground Japan by Madman
~Each month, we take a look at Japanese Sub-culture]
There’s never a shortage of anime to binge on AnimeLab, but if you’re looking for your next anime obsession, there’s always something new and exciting to discover! Looking for some quick suggestions?

☆好評連載中☆Popular regular columns☆
Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. This Month our pick: Wagaya.

Here is a new and interesting restaurant in Melbourne the editor has found.
This Month our pick: Massi.

☆今月号のプレゼント☆For this month, we have another giveaways☆
1. Taikokoro Presents: BENTO BEATS Vol. 1-"Taiko"
2020年2月14日(金)7:00pm~公演チケット 1組2名様
Friday 14th February 2020, 7:00pm~ ×
1 Double Pass

2.  [Konosuba- God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson]
鑑賞チケット 3組6名様
× 3 double passes

3.  佐賀県産のお酒セット ($250相当) 2名様
A selection of Sake from Saga prefecture(VALUED AT $250.00)
× 2

2019年12月14日(土)-2020年10月4日(日)入場チケット 2組4名様
Saturday, 14th December– Sunday, 4th October 2020× 2 double passes