Easy Peasy Japaneasy - 注意! 日本人にあげてはいけないプレゼント!?
Easy Peasy Japaneasy

Let me share with you some real stories happening to students –
how much do you know about Japanese language and its culture?
注意! 日本人にあげてはいけないプレゼント!?
「なんで? わからへん…」と、大阪弁交じりの口調で、ロニーさんは眉間に皺をよせて私に聞きました…。
結婚祝いに向かない物:刃物(切れる)、鏡等の割れ(割れる)物、4&9の数の物(死と苦)、 ペア以外の偶数の物(割り切れる)
Warning - Unpleasant presents!?
Ronny is an intermediate Japanese learner.
During our first lesson after he went to Japan for 4 weeks to see his girl friend in August, he asked me whether or not he has done something wrong with his girlfriend in this situation –
> August is his girlfriend’s birthday and he worked hard to make it a very special day for her. He bought a bunch of Japanese-like flowers. He hid them behind his back and “ta-da!”, showed them to her. However, her face showed she seemed to be confused….
The flowers Ronny selected were KIKU – chrysanthemum - the flower reminding us of death. In August, you see lots of KIKU sold at flower shops due to OBON (the bon festival – a Buddhist event to hold memorial services for ancestors, and to place KIKU at Buddhist altar). Ronny of course did not know about this.
After our lesson, he realised her kindness by not pointing out his mistake and loves her more than before! He now very much focuses on Japanese lessons for her – especially about unpleasant presents.
F.Y.I. The following lists are unpleasant presents for Japanese people.
Weddings: Cutlery (“Cut” is inappropriate), Mirrors, glass etc. (breakable things) (“break” is inappropriate), Something with the numbers 4 & 9 (4-death, 9-pain), Something with even number (because you can “divide”), except a pair gift.
Illness: Pot plant (take “root” - imagines us staying in bed for a long time), Cyclamen (sound “shi”-death, “K(u)”-pain), KIKU (you know the reason for this now!).
Of course, gifts make people happy, however, it’s helpful if you know those rules. Now I am wondering if there are any rules of gifts like these in Australia…?
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