Kimono日和 - Visiting a gallery in a kimono 着物でギャラリーへお出掛け(2021年4月号)


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Visiting a gallery in a kimono 着物でギャラリーへお出掛け

Visiting a gallery in a kimono 着物でギャラリーへお出掛け
Because kimono are tricky to put on, many feel as if they need a special occasion to wear one. However, once you can do everything by yourself, you can wear one anywhere. For example, why not enjoy a lovely, relaxing day out at an art gallery?
This month, we put together a well-considered combination of kimono, pattern and obi and went to the Triennial modern art exhibition at the NGV. For the kimono, we settled on a fine, abstract, geometric pattern and matched the Nagoya obi to the kimono’s orange inner highlight colour. The obi itself features a bold, geometric pattern for its tsumugi. The haneri and obiage are also patterned, but the great thing about kimonos is that these sorts of combinations (indeed, any combinations you like) seem to work. As for footwear, if you don’t have any zori, you can always use boots or dress shoes to create an east-west mix.
So, don’t psych yourself up just to wear a kimono. Lower the mental barriers, and enjoy a chic, Japanese look for even a short trip somewhere.
着物でお出掛けをするなら、何か特別な機 会が必要だと肩に力が入ってしまいがちです が、自分で着られるようになったら、行く先は自由。着物でギャラリーへ出掛け、ゆっくり美術鑑賞なんて贅沢な一日はいかがでしょうか。
足元は草履がなければ、ブーツやレースアップシューズなどを合わせて和洋ミックスにしてもいいですね。 肩肘貼らずに着物への敷居を低くして、ちょっとしたお出掛けに和装でお洒落を楽しんでみてはいかがでしょう。
Wardrobe: Kazari + Ziguzagu W:
Stylist: Sala Okabe W:
Photographer: Rina Kakioka W:
Model : Akane Instagram: sunkissed_cat
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