Kimono日和 - White Yukata for Adults 大人の白地浴衣(2021年2月号)


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White Yukata for Adults 大人の白地浴衣

White Yukata for Adults 大人の白地浴衣
Recently, I see a lot of new yukata designs that mixbright, pastel or primary colours with westernpatterns, but classical designs with a retro feel arestill popular.
Among those classical yukata, navy ones with whitepatterns are the norm, but you definitely canʼt forgetwhite yukata with navy patterns, either. People tendto avoid white yukatas, saying they have a whiff ofʻryokan pajamasʼ about them, and are hard to makeelegant, but white fabric itself is seen as pure andelegant, and depending on the pattern and how youdress it up, you can create a refined, adult look.

This month, weʼve chosen a late-Showa periodyukata with a rare (for the time) large rose pattern. Bygoing for a big, bold pattern, the yukata stands out,even with the white fabric. To contrast against thisstrong pattern, weʼve chosen a simple, single colourobi. The traditional red or yellow here would makethe ensemble feel a bit child-like, so we decided on asoft, bamboo-coloured one. Matching the navypattern with a blue or purple obi would create a moremature look, so you can play around with this aspect.Donʼt forget to complete the look with an obijime andobidome, too.

古典的な浴衣と言えば、紺地に白抜きの柄が主流ですが、忘れてならないのが白地に紺の柄が染められた浴衣です。白地浴衣にはどうしても旅館の寝巻きのような印象があり、着こなしが難しいのでは? と敬遠されがちです。しかし白地は清楚で上品に見え、柄選びや着こなしによって、洗練された大人の浴衣姿を演出することができます。
WardrobeKazari + Ziguzagu W:
StylistSala Okabe W:
PhotographerRina Kakioka W:
Model M.H.
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