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Dengon Net / Japan Monthly 2020 March issue
Dengon Net 2020 March issue



Japan Monthly 2020 March issue
☆Feature article☆
[The Story of Wagashi]
I recently participated in a wagashi workshop, and it made me realise how important a facet of Japanese culture it is. The beautiful details that express the changing of the seasons, the delicious, homely taste – these are things that should not be forgotten. It’s only been seven years since Japanese cuisine was registered as an Intangible Cultural Asset by UNESCO, but this experience made me re-evaluate both wagashi’s importance, and its role within it.

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☆New Articles☆
[Off the Beaten Path~Kaga City, Ishikawa prefecture (part 1)]
While Japan’s major cities boast numerous attractions, the vast majority of the country’s treasures lie away from all that bustle. Japan’s regional areas boast a huge variety of landscapes, history, food and culture, so we’ve taken the liberty of asking the locals to give us some tips.

☆好評連載中☆Popular regular columns☆
今月は、3月末にSouthbankへ移転、これからの展開に目が離せない「Komeyui Japanese Restaurant」。
Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. This Month our pick: Komeyui Japanese Restaurant.

Here is a new and interesting restaurant in Melbourne the editor has found.
This Month our pick: TSURU.

☆今月号のプレゼント☆For this month, we have another giveaways☆
1. Wine and Cheese Fest
2020年3月8日(日)12:00-19:00 入場チケット 3組6名様
Sunday 8th March 2020 at 12:00-19:00 
× 3 double passes

2.  [My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising]
鑑賞チケット 3組6名様
× 3 double passes

3.  International Flower and Garden Show
2020年3月25日(水)- 29日(日)入場チケット 2名様
Wednesday 25th March 2020 - Sunday 29th March 2020 
× 2 single passes

4. Swiss Diamondのソテーパン($380.95相当)1名様
Swiss Diamond XD 28cm Saute Pan(VALUED AT $380.95)× 1