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Dengon Net / Japan Monthly 2020 January issue
Dengon Net 2020 January issue





Japan Monthly 2020 January issue
☆Special article☆
[New Year’s Special Giveaways]
Seeing as it’s New Year, we at Dengon Net / Japan Monthly would like to offer our readers the chance to win some lovely presents! Why not enter and see if you can’t nab one?


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☆好評連載中☆Popular regular columns☆
今月は、オープン30周年を迎えた「Izakaya Chuji」。
Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. This Month our pick: Izakaya Chuji.

今月は、美しさと驚きのモダンインディアン「Daughter In Law」。
Here is a new and interesting restaurant in Melbourne the editor has found.
This Month our pick: Daughter In Law.

[小技の効いた和の雑貨-Delicate Beauties]
They say size doesn’t matter, and in the case of many Japanese goods, they’re correct. Whether they’re thoughtful, heart-warming, delicate or just small but perfectly formed, there’s a mountain of pocket-sized goods in Japan that make ideal souvenirs. In this column, we aim to showcase some of them.

☆今月号のプレゼント☆For this month, we have another giveaway☆
1. Swiss Diamondの中華鍋($479.95相当)1名様
Swiss Diamond XD Non-Stick 32cm Wok(VALUED AT $479.95)× 1 person