DengonNet 2019年8月号無料ダウンロード

Dengon Net 2019 August issue☆今月の特集記事☆


[Dive into Melbourne’s RAMEN SCENE]
Technically, this month marks the end of winter. However it’s still cold here in Melbourne, so what better to warm you up than a steaming bowl of ramen? Arriving in Japan from China during the Meiji period, ramen(then known as Chukamen, or Chinese noodles) has since evolved into an entirely unique beast, and is now regarded as Japan’s soul food. There are different regional variations around the country, and each shop works to put its own spin on the dish. Even in Melbourne, it’s already been more than 10 years since the first specialist ramen restaurant opened, and today, the scene continues to grow, with new establishments and dishes constantly competing for your attention. Tonkotsu remains the most popular soup here, but you can get miso-, shoyu- (soy sauce) and occasionally seafood-based soups, too. There are even vegetarian options. Meat-lovers might be interested to know we make our chashu differently here to Japan as well. To find out more about Melbourne’s ramen scene, we asked around to see what various restaurants had on offer. Maybe you can use this guide to choose your next ramen adventure, or even try and visit every shop on the list!


Bahari  (Richmond)

1.「米結」8周年記念 特別ディナー
ディナー券 1組2名様
[KOMEYUI’S 8TH Birthday Celebration!] dinner voucher ×1 double pass

2. National 4x4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo
2019年8月16日(金)-18日(日) 入場チケット 5組10名様
Friday 16th August 2019 - Sunday 18th August 2019 ×5 double passes

3. 「さよならプラスチックバッグ、こんにちはエコバッグ」 エコバッグ 5名様
[Goodbye plastic bags, Hello eco bags] × 5 eco bags