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Taking a closer look at the secrets of : RAMEN TOPPINGS Like in many other cities, ramen is hugely popular here in Melbourne. Whether it’s tonkotsu, shoyu, miso or other unique soups, these days you can enjoy an array of… Read More


Why is Japanese rice so delicious?

  Japanese cuisine has been listed as an Intangible Cultural. Asset by UNESCO, and one of the key reasons it has achieved this status is its rice. Here, we delve into why it’s so delicious.   Reason1Japan has over 4,500… Read More


What is Onigirazu?

Onigirazu was originally introduced in book 22 of the manga ‘Cooking Papa’ (published by Kodansha) as a “super easy onigiri”. In 2014, it suddenly appeared high on the list of ranked search terms on popular Japanese recipe site Cookpad, garnering… Read More


All about Sushi

Whether it’s nigiri-zushi or nori rolls, rotating on a conveyer belt or lined up in a row, right now in Melbourne you’ll see a sushi shop on every block. There is so much information about ‘our sushi’, popular as a… Read More


Japanese Food News!

  Japanese Fast Casual Continues To Expand Sitting between fast food and casual restaurants, fast casual establishments are already pretty much the norm in America. More expensive than fast food but cheaper than casual dining, and relying on counter service… Read More


Japanese Restaurant Table Manners : the basics

The traditional Japanese meal structure – one main, three accompaniments Traditionally, Japanese meals always consisted of one main ingredient (rice), soup, then a mix of three side dishes. One of these side dishes would be bigger than the others.


Introduction to Shochu

SHOCHU -Discover Japan’s other great drink. Whilst most Australians are familiar with sake, shochu is an often overlooked and underappreciated Japanese drink. Shochu is a distilled spirit commonly made from rice, barley, soba (buckwheat), sweet potato or brown sugar. Many… Read More