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Little Yuzu

uzu Cuisine now has a ‘micro cafe’ within its premises called Little Yuzu to serve ‘Japanese breakfasts’. From 7-11am, you can enjoy dishes like Breakfast Ramen ($12), which uses a mild dashi stock, Tempura Soft Shell Crab Burger, with squid-ink… Read More


Tempura HAJIME

Owner-chef Yoshihara-san brings 20 years of experience in Osaka and Melbourne to his sushi and tempura dishes. A true Japanese-style hole-in-the-wall, Tempura Hajime has only 12 seats along a counter and dishes only use seasonal ingredients. The traditional cooking methods… Read More


Japanese Restaurant Table Manners : the basics

The traditional Japanese meal structure – one main, three accompaniments Traditionally, Japanese meals always consisted of one main ingredient (rice), soup, then a mix of three side dishes. One of these side dishes would be bigger than the others.

shimbashi soba & sake bar

Shimbashi Soba & Sake Bar

Melbourne’s only hand-made soba noodle restaurant, Shimbashi uses freshly-milled Tasmanian buckwheat to form its signature ngredient. Now in its second year of operation, the expanded menu offers treats like Salmon Salad Soba and Pork Belly Salad. Lunch sets are around… Read More