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Hokkaido Potato Cakes

From this month, I will be featuring regional sweets from each prefecture of Japan. First is Hokkaido, where ‘Imo-mochi’ (potato cakes) are a traditional snack. Made from the potatoes which grow so abundantly in the area, they are usually eaten… Read More


KUU Café + Japanese Kitchen

KUU Café + Japanese Kitchen serves authentic Japanese food with a modern twist, and Japanese-inspired café food in a relaxed and casual environment. All dishes are healthy and balanced in true Japanese style, while for those with a sweet tooth,… Read More


‘Keiran’ (mochi eggs in soup)

‘Keiran’ is made from Shichinohe to Noheji, in the Shimokita district of Aomori Prefecture. It gets its name from the word for ‘hen’s egg’, because it features two egg-shaped mochi dumplings with sweet bean paste filling, floating in a broth… Read More


Hiuchi-mochi (Mugwort Rice Cakes)

On 8 April is the festival celebrating Buddhaʼs birthday. In Kawakami, Nara Prefecture, ʻhiuchi-mochiʼ (ʻflint rice cakesʼ, so called because they are made in a shape of a flint stone used by Buddha) are made as offerings for this occasion…. Read More


Green Soybean Rice Cake

Green soybean rice cakes (‘mame-shitogi’) are made near the border of Aomori and Iwate prefectures. Originally they were made with dried soybeans, which were soaked, boiled, and mashed, then combined with pulverised rice. Some say this was a precursor to… Read More


Oni Manju (Devil Cakes) from Aichi

Oni Manju (Devil Cakes) are a regional sweet best known in Aichi Prefecture. Made using lots of sweet potato, their name is said to be derived from their spiky appearance that brings to mind the horns of a devil. It… Read More