Dengon Net / Japan Monthly 2021年2月号無料ダウンロード


Dengon Net / Japan Monthly 2021 Febuary issue
Dengon Net 2021 February issue



家で仕事、勉強、そして家事の負担が増えた昨年、体に不調ありませんか? また、運動不足とか、反対にがむしゃらに運動してしまい、凝りや痛みが出ていませんか? そんなあなたの悩み解消にストレッチがお勧め。ちょっとした時間で簡単にできる、症状改善・予防のためのストレッチ、今すぐ始めましょう!


「オンラインで楽しめる メルボルン夏祭り 2021」

Prahran MarketのWasshoiでは、2月中週替わりで、佐賀県の酒蔵のお酒を飲むことができます。毎週土曜日には、試飲会も予定。また、Gray’s Quality Meatsでは、「飛騨牛」をキャンペーン。2月中旬より、調理しやすい薄切りにして販売します。

編集部お勧めの日本食レストランをご紹介します。今月は、炭火焼メニューがお勧めのモダン居酒屋「Bincho Boss」。

日本人初のViticulturist (ワイン用葡萄 栽培専門家)の称号を取得。Wine Australia日本支部初代代表。現在ワインアドバイザー、ワインの会講師を務める木村靖さんからワインについて学びます。

Japan Monthly 2021 February issue
☆Feature article☆
Did the increased time at home last year have some negative effects on your body? Maybe some stiffness or aches from a lack of exercise (or overdoing it to compensate)? To help cure what ails you, we recommend stretching. The following stretches are simple, quick and will help reduce or prevent symptoms in the future. Why not try them now?

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☆February Events☆
[Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival 2021]
This year marks the 12th edition of the Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival, held each February in the heart of Melbourne‒ Federation Square. Due to COVID-19 though, this year we’re trying something new ‒ a ‘Virtual Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival’, streamed on February 28.

[Enjoy February with Hidagyu Beef and Sake]
During February, Wasshoi in Prahran Market is selling tasting glasses of a limited batch of Saga prefecture brewery sake for $7. Brands change each week. Tasing days most Saturdays.Meanwhile, Grayʼs Quality Meats has thinly-sliced Hidagyu beef from Gifu prefecture available from Mid-Feb.

☆Popular regular columns☆
Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. This Month our pick: Bincho Boss.

[Sweet of the East]
Let's learn how to recreate the simplicity of local sweets with these easy recipes. For this month we are looking at Kanzarashi. This is a chilled summer sweet of Nagasaki prefecture’s Shimabara City. It’s easy to make, so please give it a go.

☆今月号のプレゼント☆For this month, we have another giveaway☆
「アーヤと魔女」鑑賞チケット 5組10名様
 The Movie 「Earwig and the Witch」x 5 double passes