ちょっと遊び心のある、大人の社交場-Treehouse Lounge(2012年12月号)
 カフェや飲食店が軒を連ねるBalaclavaのCarlisle Street。そんな通りをブラブラ歩いていくと、木目が基調の広々とした店内が印象的な店がある。「大人が子供の頃のように楽しめる場所になるようにネーミングしたんだ」とは、若きオーナーJohnoさん。大人の楽しみは数あれど、やはりおいしいお酒とおいしい料理、気の合う仲間がいて、ちょっと遊び心のある場所が揃えば言うことなし。そんな、大人の社交場Treehouse Loungeの料理をいただいた。
 まずは、ずらりと並ぶタパスメニューの中から5品を選ぶプラッター。かぼちゃベースのリゾットにカレー味がアクセントのリゾットコロッケArancini、日本人にはおなじみサクサクの食感がたまらないエビフライPanko prawns、スモーキーな香りと風味が病み付きになりそうなSpicy tangy Barbeque ribs、トロピカルなマンゴーソースと帆立がマッチしたFresh Scallops、シャッキリ感が損なわれない程度にグリルされた赤ピーマンとトローリとしたクリームチーズの組み合わせが意外と美味なStuffed Bell pepperをチョイス。見た目も賑やかで、どれもお酒を飲みながらつまむのにぴったりなので、最初にオーダーしておけば間違いなし。お酒といえば、大人の社交場とうたうだけあって、ビールやワイン以外のスピリッツや女性が喜びそうなカクテルの種類も豊富。
Tapas Platter of 5 items $25
 もう少しガツンとした物をという人には、Crusted herb two - point rack of lambがお勧め。程よく火の入ったラムは、その独特な風味は残しつつも、臭みやクセがなくビールに合いそうな1品。おしゃべりは一時中断して、冷めないうちにかぶりついて欲しい。
Crusted herb two - point rack of lamb $17
Pizza Seafood $19


 Cafes and restaurants line the sides of Carlisle Street, Balaclava. As you stroll down this street, a spacious wooden shop catches your eye. “We named it so that adults can have fun likewhen they were kids”, says the young owner Johno.

 With delicious food and drinks, good friends beside you, and a playful venue, it has everything grown ups need. We had a look at what the watering hole Treehouse Lounge had tooffer.

 First we chose a platter of five dishes from the extensive tapas menu. Arancini made from pumpkin based risotto with a curry accent, Panko prawns with a crunchy texture to die for, Spicy tangy barbeque ribs with a highly addictive smoky aroma and taste, Fresh scallops matched with a tropical mango sauce and the surprisingly delicious Stuffed Bell peppers with a match of perfectly grilled red peppers with cream cheese were our choices. With their lively colours, any of these are perfect to snack on while drinking, so don’t hesitate to order tapas first.
 Speaking of drinks, this watering hole has an abundance of beer, wine, unusual spirits and cocktails to please the ladies.
 For those who want something with a bit more bite, the Crusted herb two-point rack of lamb is my recommendation. The well-cooked lamb maintains its unique flavours without the sometimes overpowering smell of lamb and goes perfectly with beer. Hold the conversation and enjoy it while it’s hot.
 Then from the typical share plate pizza menu there is the Seafood pizza covered with tiger prawns. The thin base is layered with prawns and squid giving it a robust flavour. It’s another perfect match with beer.

 As you look around, you can see people eating and chatting happily with friends. It also has afunction room that fits 20 people and can be used for birthdays and small gatherings. The mainspace also fits 40 people, or 100 if privately reserved and can be used for large parties and wedding receptions. It’s perfect for the upcoming season of Christmas parties and end of year celebrations.

 Thanks for the meal.


  Treehouse Lounge
  263 Carlisle St. Balaclava
  Tue - Fri 3pm till late Sat - Sun 9am till late