[Editor's Pick: Shimbashi Soba] 2019 December Issue

Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne.
This Month our pick: Shimbashi Soba

Shimbashi Soba Izakaya
17 Liverpool St, Melbourne 03 9654 6727
Mon-Fri 11:30am-3pm, 5:30-10pm / Sat・Sun 12-3pm, 5-10pm

Shimbashi Soba GF
131 Smith St, Fitzroy 03 9973 9486
Mon-Fri 12-3pm, 5:30-10pm / Sat・Sun 12-10pm

Shimbashi Soba Don
221 Russell St, Melbourne (scheduled to open in December)

Web: shimbashisobamelbourne.net


When it comes to Japanese noodles, you’ve got ramen, udon and soba. Shimbashi Soba was established ten years ago and is now a beloved institution by not only the Japanese community but Australians as well. The owner, Kumayama-san, started the business because he wanted to teach people about soba, one of Japan’s health foods. He takes Tasmanian buckwheat, grinds it into flour, turns the flour into soba, then adds a secret sauce and serves it with sides made using local ingredients. Soba is good for your digestion, and contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre.

With Shimbashi’s third store opening in December, the concept for each outlet has now become clear. The Liverpool Street branch has a large sake selection, and as a result, we’d recommend their Sake Banquet, which starts from $19, and offers a choice of sake, and sides like Pork Kakuni or Karaage, or their Izakaya Banquet ($32.5 per person, min. two people). For lunch, their voluminous Soba and Mini Rice Bowl sets are popular.

Shimbashi’s Smith Street outlet has now switched to offer gluten-free menu. The noodles only use buckwheat flour (no wheat flour), and the soy sauce is gluten-free, too. For lunch, we’d recommend their Set dishes, which come with tapas.

Finally, Shimbashi’s new Russell Street restaurant focuses on Soba and Donburi sets (starting from $15). They also offer bento and sides, as well as takeaway. They’re open until late, so perfect for a late-night snack.






この12月には3店舗目をオープン予定、それぞれのお店のコンセプトも明確になり、状況に合わせて利用しやすくなります。市内Liverpool Street店は酒類が豊富。お勧めは、豚の角煮や鶏の唐揚げなどのおつまみとお酒が選べるSake Banquet $19~、タパスと蕎麦が選べるIzakaya Banquet $65(2人で)があります。ランチは、蕎麦とミニライスボウルのセットがボリューム満点で人気。

Smith Street店では、グルテンフリーメニューを提供します。蕎麦粉に小麦粉は混ぜず、醤油もグルテンフリーのものを使っています。ランチのタパスが付いたセットメニューがお勧め。
市内Russell Street店は、蕎麦とどんぶり($15~)の店としてオープン。弁当や惣菜もあり、TAKEAWAYができます。また、深夜まで営業するので、夜、小腹が減った時にも安心して行けるお店となること、間違いなしです。