[Editor's Pick: Udon Izakaya Maedaya] 2019 November Issue

Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne.
This Month our pick: Udon Izakaya Maedaya

180 Bourke St, Melbourne Maedaya yasai tempura udon
Mon-Sat 11:30am-11pm, Sun 5-11pm
Facebook: udonizakayamaedaya

Walking in, you’re greeted by a very hearty, Izakaya-like ‘Irasshaimase!’, which instantly puts you in a good mood. It’s a small space, but one that makes you feel like you’re in Japan, and is a relaxing place to be, whether you’re eating lunch by yourself, or having fun with a group of friends.  Starting with their lunch menu, all the dishes are around $10, which is pretty reasonable. There are eight varieties each of udon and donburi, all of which are very popular. You’ve got the Yasai Tempura Udon, Beef Udon, Gyu-Don Beef Bowl, Amakara Karaage Don, the new Unagi Eel and Beef Don and so on, and all have plenty to them. The udon is served Kyushu-style, which means they’re boiled longer than usual to make them softer, and they have a lovely springy texture that makes them great in both hot and cold dishes.  The izakaya menu is plentiful, too, with over 40 dishes to choose from, including snack-able options like the Momo Yaki Skewer 5 and Beer Set and Karaage Chicken Set. After nibbling on dishes like those, and enjoying some more drinks, you can step up to mains like their Nabe Yaki Udon and enjoy a full izakaya-style meal.

ama kara karaageSpeaking of drinks, there are over 20 sake varieties lined up at the bar, hung upside down for quick shot pouring. It’s like they’re calling out to you to try them all, and for just $35 on weeknights from 5-11pm, you can, via an all-you-can drink deal. Maedaya also has beer, umeshu, yuzushu and lemon chu-hai on offer, and come weekends from 11.30am to 3pm, you can enjoy those (and sake) in another all-you-can-drink deal, this time for just $33.


今月は気軽な雰囲気の「Udon Izakaya Maedaya」。

unagi beef don 店に入ると、居酒屋らしく「いらっしゃいませー」という威勢のいい店員の声に元気付けられます。小さい店ですが、「ここは日本」と思うくらい居心地がよく、1人でランチに行っても、グループでワイワイ飲みに行ってもいい感じ。



また、20種類以上のお酒が並べられていて、「どうぞ楽しんでみて下さい」と言わんばかりに、ショット用に下に向けられています。平日夜は$35で5~11 pmまで日本酒が飲み放題。土曜日11:30 am~3 pmまでは、日本酒に加え、ビール、レモン酎ハイ、梅酒が$33で飲み放題と、日本のお酒をいろいろ試すのに良いチャンスです。