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Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne.
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[Komeyui Japanese Restaurant] Editor's Pick - 2020 March Issue

Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne.
This Month our pick: Komeyui Japanese Restaurant

181 Ferrars St, South Melbourne 03 9645 5420
7 days 12~3pm / 5~10pm
Web: komeyui.com.au

Yakitori Bar - YTB
396 Bay St, Port Melbourne 03 9646 2296
7 days 5~11pm
Web: ytbau.com




A hagama is an ancient type of Japanese rice cooker, which most believe cooks rice better than any modern one. All of Komeyui’s rice is cooked in a hagama, and there are many who are drawn to Komeyui because of that. You see, hagama-cooked rice may be fluffy and delicious, but it takes extr effort compared to a rice cooker, so people figure if a restaurant is willing to go that far just for the rice, the rest of the menu must be cooked with similar care. In Komeyui’s case it’s true, which is why Komeyui is now in its ninth year of business.

Komeyui’s sushi, for example, uses mostly Australian- and New Zealand-caught fresh fish, and the combination of that, with the flavourful rice, cooked in the hagama with the highest-quality vinegar, is what creates a truly incredible dish. We’d recommend ordering the Omakase Sushi & Sashimi (served at the counter) for the best experience. Komeyui’s charcoal-grilled Wagyu Sirloin Steak, too, fills your mouth with joy, thanks to its crispy surface and juicy flesh.

In welcome news for CBD workers and residents, Komeyui is moving to Southbank at the end of this month. The concept and menu will remain unchanged, with owner-chef Kumano-san saying he’s aiming for even higher quality food and service, and specifically chose the new furniture and fittings to ensure the most relaxing atmosphere.

As for the old Port Melbourne location, that’s becoming Yakitori Bar – YTB. Opening at the start of this month, it’ll be a place you can have a laugh with friends while enjoying charcoal-grilled yakitori. With these two new restaurants, there’s no doubt Kumano-san will continue to help lead Melbourne’s Japanese food scene.


今月はこれからの展開に目が離せない「Komeyui Japanese Restaurant」。




そして、現在のPort Melbourneのお店は、Yakitori Bar (YTB)として3月初旬に新装オープン。仲間とワイワイやりながら、炭火焼きの焼き鳥を楽しめるお店になります。期待できる2店舗が新たにオープンし、メルボルンの和食をリードしていくことでしょう。