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Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne.
Dengon Net編集部お勧めの日本食レストランをご紹介します。

[Wagaya] Editor's Pick - 2020 February Issue

Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne.
This Month our pick: Wagaya

Shop 201, Mid City Arcade, 200 Bourke St, Melbourne  03 9663 7756
7days 11:30am-3pm / 5:30-11pm (Last order 10:00pm)
Web: www.instagram.com/wagaya.melbourne
Booking: www.opentable.com.au/r/wagaya-melbourne


Entering the MidCity Arcade via Chinatown, and going upin the lift to Wagaya reveals a whole new world. Wagaya isspacious (with 300 seats), relaxed and perfect for having a great time with friends, and it lets you fully enjoy the
izakaya experience. Wagaya also has a private room thatseats 20 and you can smoke on the balcony.

It’s not just the number of seats available that shockseither. The menu contains over 180 items, with à la carte dishes, salads, fried foods, grilled dishes, sushi, sashimi, hotpots, rice and noodle dishes and desserts, ensuring
you’re never short of choice. There are over 100 different drinks, too. Best of all? They’re all affordable. Each booth-style table is equipped with a touchscreen for ordering in true Japanese style, and simply browsing the
menu, looking at all the pictures, is enjoyable in itself.

Our recommended dishes are the newly-added (and house-made) Smoked Ox Tongue ($4.80) and Smoked Salmon ($4.80), and the Japanese Beer Set, which pairs
either of those with a beer for just $8. The smoky aromas from either dish go perfectly with a cold one. The Whole Tomato & Baby Cucumber pickles ($5.40) are also a must, while you should definitely give the newly-added Sea Urchin, Crab Salad Box Sushi ($10.60) and Ox Tongue Gratin ($10.80) a go, too.
With its delicious, filling dishes, affordable prices and great atmosphere, Wagaya is perfect for hanging out with friends, and we guarantee you’ll walk away satisfied.





今回お勧めするのは、新メニューの自家製Smoked OX Tongue($4.80)、Smoked Salmon($4.80)と日本のビールのセット(セット価格$8)。燻製特有の香りが鼻孔をくすぐり、ビールとマッチ。丸ごと漬物、夏が旬のWhole Tomato & Baby Cucumber($5.40)も外せません。ほかにもSea Urchin, Crab Salad Box Sushi($10.60)、OX Tangue Glatin($10.80)などが更にメニューに加わりました。