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 Delicate Beauties

They say size doesn’t matter, and in the case of many Japanese goods, they’recorrect. Whether they’re thoughtful, heart-warming, delicate or just small but perfectly formed, there’s a mountain of pocket-sized goods in Japan that make ideal souvenirs. In this column, we aim to showcase some of them.


Gauze Handkerchiefs - ガーゼのハンカチ 

 ◆◇◆◇◆ Gauze Handkerchiefs ◆◇◆◇◆ 

Mention gauze in Australia and inevitably, the first thing that springs to mind is the stuff you put on wounds or use during surgery. However, in Japan, it’s also used in everyday life. Gauze is made using cotton, silk or hemp which is loosely spun and plain-woven, then bleached, so it’s got excellent softness, absorbency and breathability. It doesn’t aggravate the skin, either, so it’s commonly used to wipe baby’s mouths or by people with delicate skin.

This time, we’re looking specifically at gauze handkerchiefs, which in Japan are made using three-ply fabric, so they’re strong, and feature different traditional Japanese patterns on each side, so they’re chic. Due to their gauze construction, they dry quickly when used to wipe sweat, and get softer and fluffier the more they’re washed. You can get them in all sorts of patterns, or just plain, and they’re also available in hand towel or regular towel sizes, so keep a lookout for them the next time you’re in Japan.


 ◆◇◆◇◆ ガーゼのハンカチ ◆◇◆◇◆ 

オーストラリアでガーゼと言えば、傷口に当てたり、手術の時に使う医療用のものを思い浮かべると思います。ですが、日本では、普段の生活でも大活躍。ガーゼは、綿・絹・麻など天然素材を使い、甘く撚った糸でゆるく平織にし晒 して仕上げられた生地なので、柔らかさ、吸水性、通気性に富んでいます。肌への刺激が少ない特長を生かし、赤ちゃんの口拭きやデリケートな肌のタイプの人に多く使われています。