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Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne.
Dengon Net編集部お勧めの日本食レストランをご紹介します。

[Rolls] Editor's Pick - 2020 April Issue

Our top rated Japanese restaurants in Melbourne.
This Month our pick: Rolls

167 Carlisle St, Balaclava 03 9531 5980
Mon-Sat 11am-8pm
Web: Facebook: Rolls-JapaneseTakeaway


If you get off at Balaclava station and turn left, you’ll soon come across Rolls. Serving delicious, home-cooked meals, it’s open from lunch ‘til dinner and is seen by locals as indispenable.

Every dish is made with care. Even though it is a casual, eat-in/takeaway restaurant. The sushi rolls the restaurant is named after have a sublime balance of rice and fillings, and while the fillings are plentiful, the rolls are wrapped nice and tight. One mouthful and you’ll feel the confidence with which they’re made. If you’re going to eat with family or friends, we’d recommend the Sushi Party Platter. With 65 pieces, it’ll feed 4-5 people, and only costs $55.

Rolls doesn’t just serve sushi rolls, either. They have an á la carte menu with Gyoza, Kara-age, Croquettes and Seaweed Salad etc. as well as a Hot Dish menu that includes Teriyaki Tofu, Yakiniku Beef and more, so you can order rice, miso soup and a side dish to create a truly traditional Japanese meal. Not only that, Rollsalso serves donburi, soba, udon, ramen and more, so they really have something for everyone, and you won’t ever get tired of eating there.

Using local ingredients, light flavours and lots of vegetables, the menu at Rolls is healthy, and you even have brown rice options. If you want to eat Japanese food that’s good for you too, definitely head to Rolls.



Balaclava の駅を降りて左に折れると、ほどなくお店が見付かります。家族が食事を作って待っていていてくれるような雰囲気で、昼ご飯から夜ご飯まで提供、地元の人になくてはならないお店です。

しかもTakeaway / Eat-inのカジュアル店にもかかわらず、“作りが丁寧”。店名にもなっているRolls・巻きずしは、ご飯と具のバランスが絶妙で、具が多めなのにしっかり巻いてあり、ひと口食べただけでその“落ち着きぶり”が伝わってきます。家族や友達と食べるなら、Sushi Party Platterがお勧め。4~5人前65ピ-スで$55というリーズナブルな値段で提供されています。

巻きずしだけでなく、餃子、唐揚げ、コロッケ、海藻サラダなどのアラカルト、照り焼き豆腐、焼き肉ビーフなどのHot Dishメニューも充実しているので、ご飯と味噌汁、おかずを揃えて和食の基本、一汁三菜の献立も可能です。ボリュームのある丼物、蕎麦・うどん・ラーメンまで揃った、至れり尽くせりのお店。毎日通ってもあきないことは間違いありません。