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<当たります>手作り本醸造のお醤油を 桔梗屋醤油店の「甘露」


We’re giving away a bottle of Kikyoya soy sauce
to one lucky reader this month.

Kikyoya Shoyu丹後の老舗醤油・桔梗屋醤油店は、築150年。

3月7日(木)午前11時~午後3時に市内Dengon Net オフィスで受け取り可能な方限定。

The Tango Peninsula’s famous soy sauce brand, Kikyoya, was first established around 150 years ago. Now a fourth-generation company, the sauce they make has a sublime, traditional-style flavour.

At the end of this article, we’ll be giving you details of how to win a bottle of delicious Tango Peninsula soy sauce. Don’t miss it!

The winner will be notified by email and can pick up the prize at our office on Thursday 7th March between 11AM and 3PM.





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応募締切 2019年2月28日(木)

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Please email us 

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7.What kind of article you’d like to read in our magazine.

Deadline:Thursday 28th February 2019
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