/City/ own room or 2 people room/ Large room/
2019年07月14日 - 22:41:29

Hello, I 'm looking for 1 person who want to live in the city. (if you are 2 people, we can confer)

Price : 
* Deposit -> $ 640 for stay 

* Room fee -> $ 320 per week (include bill) only own room 

2 weeks pay 2 weeks notice

Free of charge items : Unlimited Internet access, free kitchen supplies, vacuum machine. There is a closet, a full-length mirror, a queen bed

The view is really good because of the high level, and also Flagstaff station, the park, the Victoria market and Coles (all 5 minutes on foot ), not far from the city. 

There are currently two people living in this house, and if you live in this house, you will live only three people without another Share mates.

The house condition is clean. The cleaning schedules are alternating every week and are always kept clean .

please send a message to me as below the number 

0424 843 711 

If you want to get some photo, i will send you